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In Ukraine wheat bread has risen in price by more than a quarter since the beginning of the war

Since the beginning of the war the State Consumer Service has carried out more than 3 thousand price observations over establishment of prices for goods that are of significant social importance.

As “ProAgro Group” reports, referring to the SCS information, as of April 4, there was a significant increase in prices of almost all food products, particularly wheat bread – by 28.5%, rye-wheat bread – 12.5%, buckwheat groats – 25.5%, pasta – 24.5%, sunflower oil – by 11.9%, onions – 27.2% and other food products, compared to February 23.

“Violations were established in every second economic entity. According to the results of the work, prices were reduced to an economically justified level, price tags for goods were put up, the work of terminals was restored and alcohol was removed from sale,” noted the SCS.

The Service noted its main requirement – that the economic entities sold goods of significant social importance and anti-epidemic goods at economically justified price on the trade market of Ukraine.

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