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The program of irrevocable grants for the creation of greenhouses and orchards has been approved

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the program of non-refundable grants for farmers who are engaged in the development of horticulture, berry-growing and viticulture, and greenhouses. According to Minister Mykola Solskyi, it aims to support businesses, agricultural producers, job creation and food security, reports “ProAgroGroup.

According to him, as a result of the military aggression of the Russian Federation, the subjects of micro and small entrepreneurship suffer significant losses, so the state is looking for ways to support the agrarians.

“The program of partial compensation of the cost of creating greenhouses provides grants of 5 to 7 million hryvnia. We expect 1 thousand grants a year, and the total budget of the program will be 7 billion hryvnia. The program participants can be both private entrepreneurs and agricultural companies and farms, that own or lease land”, – said the Minister.

He also clarified that the funds from the grant can be spent on the construction of the complex and the purchase of technical equipment for its operation. Given that the amount of the grant under this program is much higher, the principle of co-financing is introduced. For the first thousand participants 70% of the project cost will be financed by the state, and 30% by the entrepreneur himself.

In addition, the state will allocate only 4 billion hryvnia to the program to support horticulture, berry-growing and viticulture. It is a partial compensation of the cost of orchards. Agrarians will be given from 150 to 400 thousand hryvnias per 1 hectare of gardens – about 70% of the average cost of planting.

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