Головна Economics and agricultural policy Ukraine is improving the financial instrument of agricultural receipts

Ukraine is improving the financial instrument of agricultural receipts

The modified bill №2805-D, which will make the instrument of agrarian receipts cheaper and faster for farmers, is prepared for the first reading in the Financial Committee. This was told by the Minister of Agrarian Policy Roman Leshchenko, reports ProAgro Group.

“The strategic vision of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy on the long-term development of the agro-sector involves several key areas of work, which should provide opportunities to raise financing for agricultural producers. This is the development of transparent land market, implementation of irrigation projects, and increasing of productivity and profitability of agricultural production”, – said the Minister.

He added that having such tasks we have to use maximum opportunities in order to improve access to financing for agricultural producers. In due time, the instrument of agrarian receipts created a positive impact on increasing the volume of attracted financing by farmers.

Since the introduction of the instrument in 2015, the market of agricultural receipts has grown to significant volumes of 12-13 billion hryvnias of funding annually. The receipts have also been adapted to various segments of agriculture. The instrument is systematically used by hundreds of lenders. Nevertheless, further growth is limited by the financial capacity of lenders.

“In order to make this instrument more accessible, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, together with the International Finance Corporation IFC and the main users of agricultural receipts, worked during the year to modernize the instrument through legislative changes. The draft law №2805-D proposes to introduce updated agrarian receipts in the form of a non-issue security, which will exist in electronic form in the Registry of Agrarian Receipts. Automation and introduction of digital solutions will make the instrument cheaper and faster, and create new opportunities for users,” said Roman Leshchenko.

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