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US and EU to create new platform on sustainable development in agri sector

The European Commission and the US administration have announced the creation of a new transatlantic collaboration platform on agriculture in a bid to boost knowledge exchange and cooperation.

This is reported by ProAgro Group, citing Euroactiv.

“It’s frankly time we roll up our sleeves and re-engage on most pressing issues facing agriculture and our rural communities,” US agriculture secretary, Tom Vilsack, said during an event marking the platform’s launch, noting this is the “first real opportunity in almost a decade” for the respective ministries to work together in such a partnership.

The platform aims at exchanging knowledge and information, but also promoting mutual understanding and trust in efforts for the two agricultural powerhouses to work together to address global challenges in terms of sustainability.

The EU’s Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski welcomed the move, highlighting that cooperation between the two is needed “now more than ever” and that they are in a “strong position” to lead the change on sustainable agriculture.

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