Головна Horticulture Active growth of winter crops stopped in some regions

Active growth of winter crops stopped in some regions

During the second decade of November the minimum soil temperature at the depth of winter crops and perennial grasses node (3 cm) in the eastern, central, north-eastern, Ternopil, Sumy, Zaporizzhya regions decreased to 1-6 ° C, in some places in Sumy and Donetsk – to minus 7-9 ° C. In the rest of the territory it was positive, reports ProAgro Group with reference to the agrometeorological bulletin of “Ukrhydrometeocenter”.

“During the ten-day period in all areas where average ten-day temperatures were below plus 5 ° C, there was a cessation of active growth processes. In the remaining areas (mostly southern and western regions), depending on the timing of sowing, winter crops were slow to vegetate and were in the phases of formation of knot roots, 3rd leaf and tillering, in late crops – the formation of seedlings. Plant condition is mostly good and satisfactory”, – noted agrometeorologists.

Crops of winter barley were thinned in some areas of central and eastern regions because of the drought.

According to agrometeorologists density of crops was 260-590 plants per square meter, the total number of stems per square meter was ranging from 430 to 1130, tillering capacity – 1.5-2.5 stems per plant. Plant height at the tillering phase was 9 to 20 cm.

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