Головна Logistics Container terminal was launched in the port of Reni

Container terminal was launched in the port of Reni

Контейнерний термінал в порту Рені

A unique project for the region – the Viking Alliance container terminal – was launched on the territory of the commercial port of Reni. This was reported by the Regional Development Agency of the Odesa region on its Facebook page, according to ProAgro Group.

It is noted that this is the only container terminal in Reni and the only one that operates today in Ukraine.

Viking Alliance is a partner of the world’s largest transport and logistics holding MAERS, a leader in container transportation. Thanks to the connection with the main container ships in Constanta, Romania and Istanbul, Turkey, the company has resumed sea transportation, which had not been since the beginning of the war;

“Viking Alliance exports both agricultural products of Ukrainian farmers and products of domestic producers from all over Ukraine. Instead, it imports to Ukraine spare parts, cars, mineral fertilizers, etc. – all that is now necessary for the functioning of the country’s economy;

The terminals handles about 1500 containers per month – a result that has been achieved since November, when the terminal began operations, in conditions that were generally considered unsuitable for a container terminal. The company regularly serves 2 ship calls per week, which is very important for the economy of our region. After all, container transportation accelerates the speed of delivery for several weeks and reduces the cost of production, which allows Ukrainian producers to compete in their industry.

In the nearest future, the company plans to launch refrigerated containers in which it will be possible to transport frozen products, which will significantly expand the types of exports and imports, as well as increase the volume of container transportation at times.

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