Головна Horticulture Grain Odesa Port Plant started loading grain for export

Odesa Port Plant started loading grain for export

“Odesa Port Plant has completely completed the conversion of its own production facilities for the shipment of grain to sea transport for export. This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to the company’s post on its Facebook page.

“The first thousand tons have already been loaded into the holds of the vessel. The total amount of grain that will be sent on this flight will be almost 23000 tons. This will be the first shipment of products loaded on sea transport from the Odesa Port Plant since the beginning of hostilities in Ukraine,” the company informed.

The plant noted that many preparatory procedures were carried out for the re-profiling, current schemes for the implementation of this project were developed, a positive decision on the examination was received from the regulatory authorities, which gives permission to use the capacities of the transshipment complex of the plant for shipment of grain.

“This is an important step to restore the potential of our enterprise and revive the economy of our country,” the OPP stressed.

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