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Russia hinders the work of the “grain corridor”, limiting its capabilities

Hostile Russia still has the tools to artificially limit the capabilities of the “grain corridor”. This was reported by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov on his Facebook page, “ProAgro Group” reports.

He said that 77 vessels are in line for inspection in Turkey, and the ports of “big Odesa” use up to 50% of their capacities. Meanwhile, the cost of grain is growing with each new blackmail from Russia.

“We had the experience of conducting 40 inspections per day, now due to the position of Russia 5 times less is inspected per day. In October, the “grain initiative” allowed us to export 4.2 million tons of grain, in November we will not reach even 3 million tons. At the same time, technically we can reach 6 million tons per month,” Kubrakov said.

He noted that the artificial delay leads to losses on the part of farmers and shipowners, as a result, the most vulnerable segments of the population and the country on the verge of starvation lose. Now ships are waiting for inspection from 2 to 5 weeks, while one day of downtime costs at least $ 30 thousand.

“The Food Security Summit has already united more than 20 countries in a common struggle for peace in Ukraine and prosperity in the world. I am confident that by joint efforts we will restore the stable operation of the grain corridor,” the Minister wrote.

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