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The queue of wagons with grain at western crossings has doubled in a month

According to JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, the queue of loaded wagons with grain as of November 17, 2022 in the direction of the western railway border crossings reached 7047 wagons, which is more than twice as much as last month – as of October 10, 2022 there were 3220 wagons.

This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to the information of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club.

The total queue of wagons with all types of cargo in the direction of the western border increased from 14.6 thousand wagons to 19.3 thousand wagons during this period. The estimated waiting time for some crossings is already from 30 to 69 days.

On November 11, 2022, JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” terminated the mechanism of limiting the loading of wagons with export cargo in accordance with the capacity of border crossings and foreign carriers. This mechanism was in effect since July this year and allowed to regulate the chaotic accumulation of queues, which reached 42 thousand cars, to increase the efficiency of transportation and stabilize the cost of logistics.

According to Roman Slasten, General Director of UCAB, the lack of load regulation will very quickly lead to excessive accumulation of queues, waiting for several months for the delivery of goods and their damage in transit, shortage of empty wagons and a drop in the efficiency of rail transportation.

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