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Agrotrade divisions completed sowing of winter rapeseed

Agrotrade Group has finished sowing winter rapeseed. The company considers this crop to be promising, so it has increased the sowing area, the company’s press service told ProAgro Group.

This year, Agrotrade has sown winter rapeseed on more than 15 thousand hectares in Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions, which is twice as much as was sown for the current season’s harvest.

“We decided to significantly increase the area of rape sowing, because it is a promising crop and during the years of work with it, we have mastered the technology of its cultivation well. Sowing conditions were quite favorable, which gives us hope for a good ladder and in the future for a good harvest,” said Alexander Ovsyanik, director of the Agroindustrial Department of the group.

In 2022, Agrotrade fulfilled its rape yield plan by 110%. The best yield of crops was in the Kharkiv region. There agrarians gathered 44.2 tons of net weight per hectare. Fulfillment of the plan in the region is 138%. In Chernihiv region, even despite the difficulties that the war brought to the company, they managed to reach the plan at 107%.

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