Головна News Company news Astarta has started the sugaring season by launching two plants

Astarta has started the sugaring season by launching two plants

A new sugaring season has started at Astarta’s processing plants. On September 16, two sugar factories of the company started sugar beet processing. In the third decade and in early October, three more plants will be launched, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to the press service of the company.

“The new processing season, like last year, will include five sugar factories of the agro-industrial holding. The enterprises are fully ready to work. In addition to major repairs, energy saving programs have been implemented – reconstruction of the evaporator station and thermal scheme, replacement of the pulp drying scheme from gas to pellets of plant origin. All measures are aimed at improving energy efficiency and product quality, stability and rhythmic processing of raw materials throughout the season,” said Yevhen Sadovyi, Director of Agricultural Products Processing at Astarta.

Meanwhile, the agricultural enterprises of the agro-industrial holding continue harvesting sugar beet. The total area under the crop is 32.5 thousand hectares.

“We expect a good harvest. The phytosanitary condition of the beets is satisfactory. Quality indicators vary depending on the region – in the West the yield is higher, in Poltava region the sugar content is higher, but in terms of sugar yield it will give a parity result. Harvesting conditions are difficult – it rains every day. However, everyone is determined to work efficiently, because they understand that it is necessary to protect the food front and help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to achieve victory as much as possible!” commented Vadym Skrypnyk, Director of Agricultural Production at Astarta.

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