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Farmers of the Prometey Group of Companies have finished harvesting barley under shelling

Prometey Group, whose lands are located in Bashtanka district in Mykolayiv region, has completed the first phase of harvesting, ProAgro Group reports citing the information of the company.

So, as of the first decade of July, barley harvesting has been completed with an average yield of 66 c/ha. It is noted that despite high temperatures in early June, the yields exceeded the forecasted level.

The company says that this harvesting campaign was unprecedented in the history of Prometey, but they hope that despite the hostilities, they will complete the harvest on time:

“Our lands are located in close proximity to the front line and it is difficult to predict how tense the situation will be in the next few days. But we plan to meet the production schedule and finish the harvesting of early crops in the optimal agrotechnological terms. We are trying to optimize the process: after barley we immediately started with wheat, simultaneously doing the main tillage for the next year’s crops, “- said Ilya Troitskiy, chief agronomist of the production unit.

The company plans to finish the harvesting of the fields in Bashtanka district by July 20, and in farms, which are more distant from the front line, – in the third decade of July. Despite the shelling, the harvesting is easier than the team prepared for it. Agrarians go out into the fields, to which they have access, there is no shortage of combines or any other farm equipment.

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