Головна News Company news KSG Agro becomes the first in Ukraine to produce marbled pork

KSG Agro becomes the first in Ukraine to produce marbled pork

KSG Agro is the first in Ukraine to begin the production of marble pork, which has increased taste and quality characteristics. This is stated in the message of the press service of the agricultural holding, “ProAgro Group” reports.

“Marbled pork is the meat of a special breed of pigs, in our case Canadian Genesus genetics, distinguished by special taste and quality characteristics. We are talking about extraordinary pork in the premium segment, which is ideal, for example, for cooking kebabs and other types of barbecue,” – said the director of “Strong-Trade” LLC Igor Ushakov.

As Vasily Starobor, head of KSG Agro’s pork division and director of Strong-Invest LLC, explained, the trends in industrial pork production this year are a steady increase in the number of kilograms of meat per sow.

“Marble pork, which we started producing due to the renewal of the herd with pigs of Canadian Genesus genetics, is a special case. Pigs of this genetics have a high health status, and their succulent meat, called marbled meat, is soft and juicy and retains its unparalleled flavor characteristics both when refrigerated and when cooked. For us, as suppliers to retail chains, the more attractive appearance of marbled pork compared to conventional pork also plays a significant role – bright and marbled due to the special meat veining,” he noted.

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