Головна News Company news MHP will expand the area under strip-till technology

MHP will expand the area under strip-till technology

MHP intends to expand the area under strip-till technology. Currently, about 7 thousand hectares are already cultivated by this technology in the agricultural holding.

According to “ProAgro Group”, this was told by the head of the agronomic department of the agro-industrial holding MHP Viktor Martsenyuk in an interview with The Ukrainian Farmer magazine.

Harvest residues are crushed here, and cultivation with disc harrows is replaced by cultivation with vertical type aggregates, so as not to knead them into the soil, but to leave them on the surface of the field, which reduces erosion and improves soil structure.

It is important that this type of cultivation in arid regions on sandy soils allows to accumulate and preserve moisture. And in regions characterized by waterlogging, it prevents water erosion.

“For example, in Khmelnytsky region we switched to strip-till just because of excess moisture. When 50 mm of rain fell per hour on hilly terrain, our crops were simply washed away. And now there is no such problem. In the future, we also plan to expand the area under this technology,” said Viktor Martsenyuk.

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