Головна News Company news Rashists looted the plant of “Chumak” company in Kakhovka

Rashists looted the plant of “Chumak” company in Kakhovka

Russian occupants failed to restore the work of the enterprises of Kherson region they seized – Kakhovka PJSC “Chumak” and the local branch of LLC “JSC “Cargill”, Oleshky LLC “Dunapak Tavria” and newly LLC “Kakhovka Protein Agro”.

Their occupants managed to transfer them to the “temporary management” of Russian-controlled companies, but what is happening now, employees of the enterprises call total looting and destruction. This is reported by “ProAgro Group” with reference to the publication of the Center for Investigative Journalism.

In particular, in the PJSC “Chumak” located in Kakhovka, the occupants stole all transport, equipment, as well as all stocks of finished products – according to rough estimates, there were at least 36 million UAH. Also, the Russian invaders stole all the remaining cash received for the sale of previously manufactured products.

“Back in September-October, the occupiers promised to launch production, even announced the recruitment of workers. However, they failed to resume the work of the enterprise, which is largely designed for imported raw materials and can be managed only by specially trained people. Therefore, the Russians decided to simply loot Chumak and now, apparently, are preparing for its final destruction,” Kakhovka residents said.

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