Головна Agricultural machinery Väderstad builds new plant in USA

Väderstad builds new plant in USA

Väderstad, one of the world’s leading companies in soil tillage and seeding technology, has begun construction of a new state-of-the-art, multi-purpose plant in North Dakota, which will be operational in 2023.

Earlier in May 2021, Väderstad AB acquired AGCO-AMITY JV LLC (AAJV), forming Vaderstad Inc. as part of the global Väderstad Group. Based in Wapheton, North Dakota, Vaderstad Inc. began fully integrating Wil-Rich, Wishek and Concord equipment into Väderstad’s existing line of tillage and seeding products.

The integration of the Wil-Rich, Wishek and Concord brands into the Väderstad group allows the company to continue to expand, gaining access to sales outlets in the United States and the opportunity to join the U.S. manufacturing industry.

The new 4,000-square-meter facility will be located adjacent to the existing manufacturing and parts warehouse in Wapheton. It will include office space for 80 employees with full services: two dedicated training rooms, a media theater and a 1,000-square-meter showroom for dealer and specialist training, customer meetings and public events.

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