Головна Horticulture Grain For the first time in 12 years Ukraine exported rye to Turkey

For the first time in 12 years Ukraine exported rye to Turkey

For the first time in the last 12 years, Ukrainian rye was exported to Turkey by ALFA Smart Trading (trading branch of ALFA Smart Agro).

This is reported by the press service of ALFA Smart Agro, informs “ProAgro Group” with reference to Agravery.

“In accordance with the agreement, 10.3 thousand tons of grain were exported to Turkey, which is 26% of all rye exported by Ukraine in July-September 2020/21 MY,” the report said.

Note that Ukraine has not exported rye to Turkey since 2009. At the same time, this market is large and interesting due to its close location.

“The volume of rye production in Ukraine is incomparably smaller than, for example, wheat and corn. Therefore, in recent years, rye was usually shipped to the closest countries, particularly Poland and Lithuania, by wagons, that is, in small batches. Our delivery to Turkey is one of the first shipments of rye for Ukraine”, – says Andriy Ryzhenko, Head of ALFA Smart Trading.

He emphasizes that Turkey is a huge market, which is very promising for Ukraine.

“Thanks to a quality first delivery, we have entered the Turkish market as a reliable partner and have demonstrated our readiness to export rye in large volumes. ALFA Smart Trading is preparing another ship with rye for Turkey in the coming days,” Ryzhenko added.

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