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Further growth of prices for raw milk is expected

Ukraine predicts a further increase in the price of raw milk in November, which can reach up to 12 UAH/kg. It is reported by “ProAgro Group” with reference to the Union of Dairy Enterprises of Ukraine.

The union notes that since July 2020, that is, for 28 months in a row, prices for raw milk have been rising in the EU countries. In the first half of this year, on average in the EU countries, they increased by 20%, and in the third quarter by another 10.5%. The growth since the beginning of the year in October was 34%, and if we compare the October prices of 2022 with the prices of October last year, then for the year the raw materials became 43% more expensive.

In Ukraine, unlike the EU countries, in the first half of the year prices for raw milk did not grow, and in March-May even decreased due to problems with logistics and sales. In July, the price began to increase, which in September reached the pre-war (January-February) level of 11.2 UAH/kg, and in October it reached the level of 11.8 UAH/kg.

Comparison of the dynamics of changes in the price of raw milk in the EU and Ukraine suggests that the situation last year and this year is radically different. If last year the price of milk in Ukraine was higher than in some European countries, this year, both at the beginning and in October, raw milk in Ukraine is cheaper than the average in the EU, as well as in some European countries.

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