Головна News Ukrainian market Greenhouse farms are considering moving to Rivne region

Greenhouse farms are considering moving to Rivne region

Nearly 90 companies are considering the possibility of moving to the Rivne region because of the war. Among them are greenhouse complexes of vegetable production from the south and center of Ukraine, reports “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the Rivne regional state administration.

In particular, PJSC Combinat Teplichnyy plans to transfer some of its facilities from the village of Kalynivka, Kyiv region. It is the largest enterprise of closed ground in Ukraine, the total area of greenhouses is 42 hectares.

“We discussed the prospects of its partial relocation on the basis of the nuclear city of Varash. The administration of Varash, Rivne powerplant, experts from USAID and Southern Development Strategy NGO, heads of greenhouse farms joined the online meeting. It is important to use the potential of the nuclear power plant to develop other businesses. This is also new jobs and a solution to the food crisis caused by the war”, said Vitaly Koval, head of Rivne Region State Administration.

The Administration points out that 37 enterprises have already moved their equipment to Rivne region and are working in their new places. The enterprises have moved mainly from Kharkiv, Kyiv, Donetsk and Mykolayiv regions. Most of them are located in the Rivne region.

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