Головна Horticulture Oilseed In October Ukraine increased export of oilcake and grist

In October Ukraine increased export of oilcake and grist

In October 2022, Ukraine managed to export 7 million tons of agro-industrial products, which is 1% more than the same indicator of the previous month, ProAgro Group reports with reference to the information of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club.

For the second month in a row, Ukraine has a high export rate due to the work of the “grain corridor”, the share of which in October 2022 amounted to 61% of total exports.

As for the structure of exports of these products in October 2022, it was as follows

grain crops: 4.5 million tons (corn – 49%, wheat – 43%, barley – 7%), an increase of 3% compared to the previous month
oilseeds – 1.2 million tons (rapeseed – 56%, sunflower seeds – 26% and soybeans – 19%), an increase of 8%;
Vegetable oils – 498.5 thousand tons (sunflower oil – 91%, soybean oil – 4%), increase – 8%;
cake after extraction of vegetable oils – 434.1 thousand tons (sunflower – 90%, soybean – 10%), an increase of 14%.

Now it is especially important to continue the work of the “grain corridor”, because Ukrainian farmers continue to harvest and are ready to supply their products to the world.

“This is especially true for corn, the harvesting of which is progressing very slowly. There are risks that further actions of farmers to harvest this crop will depend entirely on the fate of the “grain corridor”. If it does not continue its work, the already grown corn may remain “wintering” in the fields, because there will be no point in harvesting it”, – noted in UCAB.

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