Головна Animal husbandry Live-weight pigs price growth slows down

Live-weight pigs price growth slows down

This week, the increase in the average price in the market of pigs of slaughter conditions was 0.7% against 4% a week earlier. Analysts of the Association of Pig Breeders of Ukraine recorded a slowdown in the growth rate of purchase prices, according to ProAgro Group.

This week the weighted average price of pigs slaughter conditions stood at 57.9 UAH / kg, which is 0.4 UAH / kg or 0.7% higher than in the middle of the month. The price increase was mainly recorded in the center and the East, where some producers have revised prices by 0.5-2 UAH / kg. Therefore the range of purchasers’ prices in the central regions increased to 58-61 UAH/kg, and in the East the commodity batches were sold at 61-63 UAH/kg. In the western regions the prices gravitated towards 57 UAH / kg.

“Among the reasons that caused increased pressure on purchase prices in the Western regions, the representatives of meat-processing industry note the weakening of sales and partial reorientation of the operators to cheaper imported raw materials. Decreased trading activity and increased competition among suppliers of chilled pork are also noted by operators in other regions,” the APBU noted.

In spite of this fact, the procurers have no clear forecasts, because until recently the flow of imports had little effect on the price situation. The supply of domestic pork remains limited, and there are no prerequisites for a tangible increase in the near future.

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