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Milk prices are expected to stabilize in December

The raw milk market at the end of the year seems to go into a “period of silence”. The intensification of foreign trade in summer and early autumn made it possible to visually accelerate milk prices in the domestic market. However, compared to European ones, they remain one third lower.

This was reported by “ProAgro Group” with reference to the information of the Association of Milk Producers.

Since the beginning of November, due to the deterioration of the global situation and power outages, the price trend for extra milk began to slow down, and in the second half almost stopped. Prices for milk of the highest and first grades still had a pull-up effect.

Thus, as of November 23, the average purchase price for extra milk was 12.14 UAH/kg excluding VAT, which is only 0.6% higher than the price of the first ten days of the month. The increase in the same period in October was about 2.5%. The price range depending on the size of the batch ranged from 11.75 to 12.50 UAH/kg.

The highest grade went up by 1.27% compared to the beginning of November – up to 11.95 UAH/kg. The price corridor was in the range of 11.75-12.30 UAH/kg.

The first grade rose in price by 1.7% to 11.59 UAH/kg. The price for such milk ranged from 11.27 to 11.90 UAH/kg.

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