Головна Animal husbandry Prices for live pigs continue to climb up

Prices for live pigs continue to climb up

Pork prices continued their upward movement in the second half of September, according to ProAgro Group, referring to the data of the weekly monitoring of purchase prices of the Pig Breeders of Ukraine Association.

“According to the results of trading for the 38th week, most of the commodity lots were painted in the range of 72-75 UAH/kg, although occasionally there were higher price marks. The increase in prices caused a significant predominance of demand for live pigs of slaughter conditions over their supply. Thus, most pork producers state that in some places the number of applications for this week’s consignments exceeded the available volumes by 1.5-2 times. In addition, a significant part of operators sells animals with less live weight or in smaller batches, leaving the livestock to reach the required condition,” the ASU noted.

Representatives of the meat processing industry, on the one hand, confirm the shortage of pigs of slaughter conditions in all regions, and on the other hand, they expect the reaction of the final sale to changes in prices. Despite this, the vast majority of processors do not note widespread negative signals from the implementation.

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