Головна Horticulture Processors have to pay up to $50 more for soybeans than exporters

Processors have to pay up to $50 more for soybeans than exporters

The situation for soybean processors is not much better than in the other oilseed market. With an expected harvest of 1 million tons more than last year, producers are limiting sales.

Alexander Lozychenko, commercial director of the Pology Oil Extraction Plant, told this, ProAgro Group reports quoting Latifundist.com.

He noted that agrarians are so constrained in supply that processors are forced to pay a premium of $60-70 when recalculated with the logistics to the port terminals.

“And all this occurs amid reduced production of cattle and chicken. Also the facts of import and even smuggling of chicken and pork from the EU countries are already registered in the country. And expensive soy protein will still worsen the situation in the domestic meat industry,” said Alexander Lozychenko.

Other soybean processing plant managers also confirmed that farmers are holding back soybean sales, and domestic processors have to pay more for it.

“The price of beans at the CPT-port is $500/ton, excluding VAT of course. And I can’t buy them cheaper than 17 thousand hryvnias per ton ($570),” said a top manager of one of the plants.

The soybean crop in Ukraine this year is forecasted at 3.28 million tons against last year’s 2.8 million tons.

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