Головна Consumer market Recent price changes on consumer market: what to know?

Recent price changes on consumer market: what to know?


According to the monitoring of the consumer market, the record-breaker in price changes over the past two weeks was potatoe. Although last time it went down in price by 20%, now it is rising.

As of November 25, 2021, the average price of potatoe was 7.28 UAH per 1 kg, which is 16% higher than it was two weeks ago, reports ProAgro Group, citing the information of the Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business.

In fact, the price sagged due to the first frosts and the accelerated sale of potatoe, which can not be stored in specially equipped facilities. Therefore, now we can state the price recovery.

In parallel with potatoes the price of other two components of borsch set – beets and cabbage – has significantly increased. As of November 25, 1 kg of beet cost 10.90 UAH, and 1 kg of cabbage – 7.31 UAH. That is, respectively, 13% and 7% higher than two weeks ago. In this case, the seasonal factor comes into play, when prices for vegetables begin to rise in autumn and this trend continues until the new harvest arrives.

However, the consumers are happy with the decrease of the price for apples. This year Ukrainian farmers have had a good harvest of apples, which has led to a decrease in prices. As of November 25, the average price for apples was 9.27 UAH per 1 kg, which is 14% lower than two weeks ago.

Prices for buckwheat have decreased as well. Thanks to a good harvest of buckwheat in Ukraine and the restoration of imports from the Russian Federation, it became possible to stabilize a further rise of this product. As of November 25, 1 kg on the shelves of supermarkets cost UAH 47.17, which is 4% lower than the two weeks ago.

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