Головна Consumer market The cost of borsch bucket set a record rise

The cost of borsch bucket set a record rise

The price of borsch has risen record high after the outbreak of full-scale war. The price of all products that are needed to cook the dish has grown, reports “ProAgro Group”.

Thus, according to the NSC “Institute of Agrarian Economics” a set of products has risen by 60.2% compared to the same period last year – from 69.76 UAH to 111.78 UAH. Maximum cost this year was registered in June – 118,52 UAH.

Economists estimate that pork price went up by 19.8% – from 122.11 UAH to 146.23 UAH. Meat is the most expensive ingredient, without it the first course would cost about 53 UAH.

In the Ukrainian club of agrarian business specified that at the beginning of September the prices for all vegetables of a borsch set, except for potatoes soared.

“Cabbage costs about 17.30 UAH/kg (2.8 times the price at the beginning of September last year), onions – 31.66 UAH/kg (3.9 times higher), carrots – 23.40 UAH/kg (2.6 times higher) and beets – 12.63 UAH/kg (two times higher),” said UCAB analyst Svetlana Litvin.

TSN, in turn, reported that a large glass of beans at the market costs 15 UAH. Five potatoes, one carrot, two onions, cabbage and a head of garlic cost 70 UAH. Beets cost about 13 UAH. Together with the other components a pot of borsch will cost about 140 UAH.

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