Головна Agricultural machinery The shortage of agricultural machinery is brewing on the market

The shortage of agricultural machinery is brewing on the market

After the rise in prices for energy and raw materials, the alarming rumors about inability to buy a tractor, combine harvester or seeder began to arrive from abroad. Even pre-ordered items will not be delivered within the allotted time and the order is simply canceled or postponed indefinitely.

This is reported by ProAgro Group with reference to Kurkul.com.

Confirmation of this information is received both from companies-distributors of equipment in Ukraine and from the foreign media. In particular, farm-connexion.com reported about the cessation of work of some plants of the industrial group CNH in Europe. This concern owns Case IH, New Holland, and Steyr brands of agricultural machinery.

And this is just the beginning. According to the poll conducted by CEMA (organization representing European agricultural machinery manufacturers), 40% of questioned manufacturers expect plants to stop within the next six months.

The shortage of agricultural machinery is expected due to the lack of microchips and the growing demand for them, the increase in global demand for tractors and other agricultural machinery, as well as the rise in the price of metal.

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