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Ukraine has harvested more soybeans on smaller acreage

Gross yield of soybeans in Ukraine reached 3.38 million tons in the current season, which is 22% more than last year, when it was threshed at 2.771 million tons.

This is indicated by the operative data of the Ministry of Agrpolitics and Food of Ukraine, ProAgro Group reports with the reference to AgroTimes.

Such surplus has been achieved solely by increasing the average yield from 20.9 c/ha in 2020 to 26.4 c/ha in 2021. This year, the area under crops decreased by 42.5 thousand hectares.

As Director of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture of the National Academy of Sciences Raisa Vozhegova says, such a reduction was due not only to difficult agro-climatic conditions, but also to changes in tax legislation, which for three years almost completely removed soybean producers from the market, being unable to perform independent export contracts (it is associated with the cancellation of VAT refunds on the export of soybeans).

The highest gross yield of soybeans this year is registered in Khmelnytsky region (450 thousand tons) and Zhytomyr region (283.5 thousand tons), and the highest yield is in Khmelnytsky region (33.7 centners per hectare) and Zaporizhzhya region (30.4 centners per hectare).

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