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Ukraine rapidly increased exports of dairy products in August

In August 2022, exports of dairy products brought Ukraine $ 32.9 million, which is almost a quarter more than in July. Sales of butter increased the most – by 78.9% and milk powder – by 31.6%. The export of fermented milk products grew the weakest – +3%. This was reported by the Association of Milk Producers, the “ProAgro Group” informed.

Thus, sales of milk and condensed cream in August amounted to 3.6 thousand tons, which is 30.6% more than that in the previous month. Total revenue increased by 30% – to $ 1.5 million. The lion’s share of milk went to the Moldovan market – 3.4 thousand tons.

Exports of milk powder and cream in August amounted to 3.3 thousand tons (+ 29.7%) for a total value of $ 11.3 million (+ 31.6%). The main market was Poland – 860 tons. Large shipments also went to Georgia (181.7 tons) and Moldova (172 tons).

Sales of dairy products were the most sluggish. Thus, in August, only 273 tons of products worth $290 thousand were sold, mostly to Moldova – 270 tons.

Due to the resumption of whey powder exports to China (913 tons), its total volume in August almost doubled to 2.5 thousand tons. Also, significant volumes of whey went to Vietnam (320 tons), the Philippines (225 tons) and Poland (220 tons).

Butter exports in the reporting period increased by 23% in physical terms (2.1 thousand tons) and by 16.8% in monetary terms ($ 12 million). Due to a significantly lower price, half of the goods were sold to neighboring Poland (1.042 thousand tons). Butter was also sold to Azerbaijan (297.9 tons), Moldova (254.6 tons) and the Netherlands (240 tons).

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