Головна Horticulture Vinnytsia agrarians hold their front despite all difficulties

Vinnytsia agrarians hold their front despite all difficulties

Vinnytsia agrarians, despite adverse weather and economic factors, keep their front, ensuring the food security of the country.

This was reported by the head of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration Serhii Borzov, “ProAgro Group” reports with reference to “Ukrinform”.

“This season was extremely difficult for farmers. The formation of crops was influenced by several factors. First of all, it is the agricultural work under martial law. And this, accordingly, is the lack of working capital due to disruption of the sales chain, insufficient amount of inventory during sowing, care and harvesting of crops (fuel, mineral fertilizers, plant protection products), as well as limited availability of skilled workers (tractor drivers, drivers) due to mobilization,” – Borzov said.

However, perhaps the most important factor that complicated the life of farmers was the weather conditions during the growing season, – the official said. In particular, dry period during growth and rainy period during harvesting. But, despite this, farmers of the region have successfully held their front. The harvest is not yet completed. The harvesting of late cereals, in particular corn and industrial crops, continues.

Sunflower harvesting is almost completed in the region. It has been harvested on 96% of the area. The average yield is fixed at 22.6 c/ha, which is 9 c/ha less than last year. Soybean harvesting is actively underway. This crop is harvested on 71% of the area. Its yield is also lower than last year by 9.7 c/ha and averages 18.7 c/ha. Corn was harvested on 37% of the area. In previous years, this crop reached yields of up to 100 c/ha and yielded more than 6 million tons of grain in the region. This year, weather conditions negatively affected its vegetation and the yield is more than twice lower than last year.

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