Головна Horticulture Grain Turkey held tenders for the purchase of barley and sunflower oil

Turkey held tenders for the purchase of barley and sunflower oil

The Turkish State Grain Council (TMO) held international tenders on Tuesday, November 23, at which, according to preliminary data, it bought about 370,000 tons of feed barley and 6,000 tons of crude sunflower oil. This was reported by Reuters, citing traders, informs ProAgro Group.

In particular, barley was purchased in 13 batches with the volume of 10 to 50 thousand tons. Some of these consignments have already been exported and are stored in warehouses in the country, the rest are to be delivered on January 3 to 28 in several Turkish ports.

Purchase prices for barley with delivery ranged from $349.70-358 $/ton on C&F basis. At the same time, at the previous tender held a month ago, TMO purchased 235,000 tons of feed barley at an average price of $330/ton C&F.

In turn, crude sunflower oil was purchased in the tender at the price of $1471/ton C&F. It should be delivered to the Turkish port of Tekirdag in the period from December 1 to 20.

Countries of origin of barley and oil that won the tenders are not reported yet, but Ukraine is the leading exporter of these goods to Turkey this season. In addition, the results of Turkish tenders is a factor in the formation of current supply prices of Ukrainian grain and processed products on export bases.

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