Головна Poultry farming Rushists destroyed one of the largest egg producers in Donetsk region

Rushists destroyed one of the largest egg producers in Donetsk region

Since May 1, the occupation forces have been shelling the poultry farm “Phoenix” near Sviatohirsk, which was one of the most powerful in the Donetsk region and produced half a million eggs every day, with rockets and artillery almost every day. Due to Russian strikes, 800 thousand heads of adult and young birds died there. This was written by the spokeswoman of the Donetsk Regional Military Administration Tatiana Ignatchenko on her Facebook page, according to ProAgro Group.

This enterprise is located in the village of Mayaki, Sloviansk district. The poultry farm was named “Phoenix” because in 2014 the owners were able to revive the production, which was destroyed by the Russians in the Luhansk region.

According to Ignatchenko, the occupants struck each time at the end of the shift: when people were already outside and heading for transport.

Director of the poultry farm Ihor Zinkovskyi noted that as of the beginning of May, more than one hundred and fifty people worked in “Phoenix”, but the Russians bombed the factory until they destroyed almost everything. Only because of the death of chickens the company lost 120 million hryvnias – not including equipment, premises and other losses.

“Now that the Russian horde has been driven back a bit, the workers have started to return: they are removing dead birds, patching roofs where possible, restoring damaged communications. They are surprised that several dozens of chickens still survived, despite the powerful shelling and the fact that since the end of May they have been deprived of their usual conditions,” the director said.

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