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Upgrade your qualification – head to courses!

ProAgro Group is known on the grain market as the organizer of the largest and most professional events in Ukraine for specialists in storage, processing, trading and logistics of grain. In 2019 and 2021 we held two large-scale Grain Storage Forum ELEVATOR in Kyiv, with the latest having gathered more than 1,000 participants. And more recently, on September 17, in partnership with Epicenter-Agro agricultural holding we held the first practical conference in Ukraine at its operating grain elevator in Vinnytsia.

Among the topics discussed at our events there is always a place for those painful as staff shortages, and especially the lack of skilled workers to work on modern elevator equipment. Grain refining equipment is constantly being improved, becoming, on the one hand, more reliable and easier to use, and on the other – more demanding to the qualifications of the staff working on it. And the standard training provided by companies for their workers is often not enough.

Therefore, on the eve of the new year, 2022, ProAgro Group is launching a new series of events – this time educational. The first of them will take place on January 24-27. During these four days in Vinnytsia we will held advanced training for managers and operators of grain dryers – Grain Storage School of ProAgro Group.

The purpose of this course is to increase the level of production, economic literacy, qualification of specialists and managers of drying facilities and to ensure their more efficient work and productivity. The peculiarity of training is no repetition of capital truths, no “water”, only 20 hours of intensive theoretical classes, which will be conducted by teachers of specialized universities, specialists of leading manufacturers of modern grain dryers, as well as practitioners who have accumulated extensive experience in drying equipment. The remaining 20 hours of courses are set for special workshops with the participation of service specialists at four operating grain elevators in Kyiv oblast.

Thus, ProAgro Group seeks to contribute to improving the professional level of elevatorists and promote the development of the industry. And grain drying courses are only the first educational event we have planned for the next year. Subsequently, similar workshops will be held for employees of other grain elevator specialties.

P.S. Don`t forget about another remarkable event, scheduled for January 28 – Grain Storage Forum “ELEVATOR-2022” SMART: DRYING

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