Головна Storage A new grain elevator was opened in Vinnytsia oblast

A new grain elevator was opened in Vinnytsia oblast

Фото Elevatorist.com

A new grain elevator Letychiv Agro of MVA Group company was solemnly opened in the Vinnytsia oblast. Now the capacity of simultaneous storage of the enterprise is up to 40 thousand tons.

As “ProAgro Group” reports referring to Elevatorist.com, the granary was built on the territory of the former sugar factory in a little less than a year.

“We started building the elevator last September and put it into operation in August. We tried to make it as compact and flexible as possible in terms of technology,” – says the owner and director of P Consult, the managing partner of MVA Group, Konstantin Piven.

The elevator has already started receiving both the company’s own grain and that of its depositors. After launching, the company received almost 10 thousand tons of grain, including wheat, rape and sunflower. In the coming days the active delivery of corn of the new harvest will begin. For the season 2021/22 it is planned to make three rotations at the elevator: one by the company’s own grain and two more in cooperation with customers.

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