Головна News Company news Minderoo Foundation joins efforts to sustain grain storage in Ukraine.

Minderoo Foundation joins efforts to sustain grain storage in Ukraine.

A new $3 million project, financed by the Australian charity organization Minderoo Foundation joins the Grain Storage Support Strategy implemented by FAO and Ministry of Agrarian Policy. This was stated by the FAO representative in Ukraine Victoria Mikhalchuk, reports “ProAgro Group”, referring to GrowHow.in.ua.

According to the head of the FAO office in Ukraine, Pierre Vautier, the project will provide storage for 264.4 thousand tons of grain and oilseeds in Ukraine. This will strengthen the efforts of the Government of Japan and Canada to provide grain storage in 2022/23, along with appropriate technical support and equipment.

With funds from the Minderoo Foundation, the first private partner of the Grain Storage Support Strategy, FAO will provide Ukrainian farmers with temporary grain storage facilities.

“Vulnerable countries, particularly those in North Africa and Central Asia, depend on grains grown in Ukraine to feed their populations. The long-term outcome of our partnership with FAO will be to strengthen food security at the household level in Ukraine, protect the livelihoods of Ukrainian farmers, and ensure that other dependent countries have access to sufficient supplies of grain at an affordable price,” said Dr. Andrew Forest, who along with his wife founded the Minderoo Foundation in 2001.

To date, with additional funding from the Minderoo Foundation, FAO has received $60.1 million. The total amount needed to implement the Grain Storage Support Strategy is $65 million.

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