Головна Vegetable growing Belarus suspected of smuggling Ukrainian carrots to Russia

Belarus suspected of smuggling Ukrainian carrots to Russia

Imports of carrots to Belarus increased nearly five-fold in 2021. So, for eight months of last year, the country imported 9.2 thousand tons of root crops, which is 4.7 times more than during the same period in 2020.

At the same time, Belarus remained a net exporter of carrots, as exports significantly exceeded imports, reports “ProAgro Group”, citing the publication “Belarus and the Market”.

The main supplier of carrots to Belarus was Ukraine, which accounted for about 85% of all shipments of carrots in January-August 2021.

The peak of supplies was recorded in April-July, when there was a record rise in prices for carrots in Russia, where Ukraine can not deliver carrots directly because of the embargo imposed by the Russian government. This suggests that the final destination of the products was the Russian market.

The situation in the market changed when the mass harvest of the new crop began. Prices for carrots in Belarus during this period were higher than in Russia. Therefore, experts do not rule out that Belarus imported for the domestic market during this period.

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